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You Need These Things Before You Begin Working Out!

You Need These Things Before You Begin Working Out!

There’s a strange myth that you need tons of time to workout. At least, that’s what seems to be the case when people tell me, “I can’t workout. I don’t have any time”.

Meanwhile, I’m scratching my head wondering how this person is sooo busy that they can’t spare 5–10 mins for their health.

Then I think about it and it suddenly dawns on me. It’s not that they don’t have time since, you know, everyone has 24 hours in the day and to my knowledge, time doesn’t slow down or speed up for any particular individual. What really they really meant to say is, “I don’t have any time (for that)”.

What's the Best Diet? | TheGymStop

What's the Best Diet? | TheGymStop

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What is a Superset

What is a Superset

The superset. A magical word that unlocks the door to a world of weightlifting opportunity. But what is it and how do you utilize it to reap the highest benefits? Check out this article from to find out?

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